Legal English in Use: Business Law Expressions

  1. In takeovers and acquisitions, companies look for synergies, which is great for shareholders (accionistas) but often not so good for employees.
  2. Insider trading is much less common in the US than it used to be, because of the hard line (mano dura) taken by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission-equivalent of the CNMV in Spain).
  3. The purchase (compra) of a start-up by a PLC (cotizada) can often optimise efficiency (eg….the purchase of Watsapp by FaceBook 10 or 11 years ago).
  4. Spain arguably (se puede decir) has a closed economy. This is because the barriers to entry (barreras para nuevos participantes) are very high in the form of unbelievable tax and social security levels. It makes it very difficult for new entities to compete with BBVA or Telefonica, for example, who are established players.

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