Exploring Legal English in The Debt Collection Area: 

Here are three legal English collocations essential for effective debt recovery strategies:

1️⃣ «Demand Letter»: Very important in debt collection, the demand letter serves as a formal communication to the debtor, articulating the outstanding debt, legal obligations, and the consequences of non-compliance. Drafting a robust demand letter is crucial,  facilitating subsequent legal actions if necessary.

2️⃣ «Statute of Limitations»: Understanding the statute of limitations is indispensable. It delineates the timeframe within which legal proceedings must be initiated for debt recovery.

3️⃣ «Charge on an Asset»: In cases of prolonged non-payment, securing an asset lien (una carga) secures the right to seize specified assets of the debtor as collateral until the debt is satisfied. Employing asset liens tactically improves the creditor’s position and incentivizes debtor (deudor) compliance.


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