Business English courses

The business english course includes a free level  test and no obligation trial lesson (clase de prueba). After this the student can decide whether or not to book a course.

English for business anywhere in the Community of Madrid.

At present the business English courses are held face to face at the client’s offices or online.

We offer business English courses in the areas of Estate Agency (inmobiliaria), Financial Services (La Banca) y Government Departments (La Administracion Publica).

These classes are 100% tailored (100% clases a medida) to the sector in question. For example,  if we do a class on prepositions to estate agents, we will focus on a property sector article.


The classes are tailor made (hechos a medida) for the sector in question. For example in a class about prepositions for an estate agency (inmobiliaria) the text would be taken from a property article (eg…from the Financial Times on Saturday).


The objectives are to increase fluency and listening skills in English, to learn new vocabulary related to the student’s  job and to improve pronunciation using very basic phonetics.


The business English courses (online or at the client’s office) available Monday to Saturday.

Course Prices

1-1 or groups: €32/hour

Tripartita Foundation

This is a method by which the cost of tuition can be totally or partially deducted against social security payments, paid by the company (bonificaciones a seguridad social).

Cost to companies (dependant on number of employees):

1-9 (employees)       10-49            50-249      250+

0%                               10%              20%            40%


Tripartita application process

 We can manage the tripartita process  for you at no extra cost.


Free Trial Lesson

A 1 hour free trial lesson is offered to all students. You can request your trial by filling in the form bellow.


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