What can you claim for, in the UK, if you suffer breach of contract? (que puedes reclamar?).

Under UK law, you can claim for direct and indirect economic loss, if you are the victim of a breach of contract (non-cumplimiento contractual).

In order to claim for unrelated losses (perdidas no relacionados con el contrato), you must demonstrate that these losses were forseeable (previsibles).

For example, let»s say that you work as a self-employed (autonomo) administrator in the UK and you promise to arrange a driving licence for a customer (cliente) within 10 days. It arrives 2 weeks late, so there is definately a breach of contract.

Will your client be able to claim economic loss from you as a result of not having the car for work?

In this case he would, because even if it was never discussed it would have been forseeable at the time the contract was made.




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