Making a Claim: Court Proceedings (Derecho Procesal)

  1. Issue a Claim («the plaintiff ((demandante)) has issued a claim for the return of the 10,000 euros.»)

2. Acknowledgement of Service («the defendant                           ((demandado)) has responded to the claim in the correct             fashion by confirming the receipt of the documents within             the 14 day legally accepted period»).

3. Case Management Conference («at the case                              management conference he court made orders regarding            costs ((costes judiciales)), discovery ((documentary                      evidence and witness statements-declaraciones de                   testigos-to be submitted)) and timetabling ((horario                     judicial))«)

4.  Pre-Trial Review («at the pre-trial review it was checked               that the parties had complied with discovery orders, the               possibility of early settlement was discussed and finally a             trial date was set»).

5. Trial («at the trial´s conclusion, the judge stated that a                  judgement would be issued on the 4th of April.»)


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