Business English Vocabulary for Holiday Lets (apartamentos turisticos).

There is little doubt that buying a flat to rent out on the short-term (a corto plazo) tourist rental market can be very lucrative.

For example it is still possible to buys flats in Almeria, with a 20 minute walk to the beach for less than 50,000 euros. In the 4 months of peak tourist season you can easily get 100 euros a night or more if the flat is nicely furnished (con buenos acabados).

However, in many autonomous communities in Spain, it is now necessary to apply for a licence in order to advertise your flat on a tourist lettings platform like Airbnb. You also have to organise a key-holder (alguien que se ocupa de dar la llave al visitante) unless you are going to be managing the property (gestionar el dia a dia del negocio) yourself; in addition you will also need a cleaning service (servicio de limpieza).

As far as marketing the property is concerned you have 2 options:

  1. a do-it-yourself (hecho por ti) marketing operation with your own website. You could get people to the website by posting on instagram and linkedin or by joining apprpriate facebook groups, for example «British Expats in Almeria» etc….
  2. advertising the flat through a rental plaform (plataforma de alquileres turisticos como airbnb) but in this case commission of approximately 20% would be payable to the platform.


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